Byron Wright | (Orofino, ID)

Having the precision of fixturing on a flat table has been a tremendous benefit in time, speed and accuracy, I use my Buildpro® table for;
Fixturing structures for welding
Building prototypes
Parts production

I can accept new jobs and projects! Having the precision of fixturing on a flat table has been a tremendous benefit in time, speed and accuracy. Let me explain – being a job shop, we have lots of different parts and configurations of projects. I’m talking with a customer and we draw out their project on a piece of paper. I’m immediately imagining in my mind how I am going to put this part together. There has to be a bracket(s) at a certain height, then an arm coming out a certain distance at a certain angle with an attachment bracket on it. All these things and more I can do quickly and efficiently with the brackets, clamps, spacers and risers in my tool kit.

Another example – I’m modifying an existing part. My customer wants the part wider, longer or modified in some
way. The Buildpro® table provides a base I can clamp the part down to and a table top reference to measure from.
They want to add a tube 4” higher then the existing tube. Easy, when your part is securely clamped and oriented,
using a combination of tools – your imagination is the limit – of riser blocks, 90° brackets, magnets (if it is steel)
and position the new tube exactly parallel and square to the original. Fast and accurate! If you have ever tried
working with round tubing on a table top you will really appreciate the Buildpro® table!

My Buildpro® table has improved my quality of work, reduced my fixture set-up time, making my operation more
profitable, allowed me to build products / parts I wouldn’t have been able to build before.

I bought my Buildpro® table for an additional job a customer wanted me to build and partly assemble. So I sized
the table for the part and bought the largest tool kit offered. Being in the metal fabrication business for 30+ years
you learn – you can’t have too many clamps!

The Buildpro® table has allowed me to take a job my customer was struggling with, bringing it in house, producing it faster and with more accuracy then they were able to do, bringing me more income and providing them with a cheaper and more precise part. Everyone wins! This part is a subassembly and with the increased accuracy they no longer have to use their valuable time trying to get the part to fit where it was designed to go. Drop it in, position it and weld it in place.

Generally, the greatest cost of a product is in the labor. If we can reduce our time in labor, without sacrificing quality, it makes us more competitive. The Buildpro® table has and will continue to be, a huge asset for my shop. From making prototypes to repair to production, we use our Buildpro® table!

And it is so fun! I like tools, and some tools are exciting at first but then their newness wears off. But I have been
having fun with the Buildpro® table for years! Every week I enjoy using it. And they are always coming out with new tools! What would I do if I were you? Get the size table that 80 – 90% of your jobs will fit on and get the largest tool kit you can afford. You can’t have too many clamps. With modular capacity you can expand your table, but you will always need one more clamp! Then if you need, get another table / table top and you’ll have the clamps to go with it!

Are the tables and tool kits expensive? Yes, but very competitively priced!

Once you’ve used the Buildpro® table and tool kit I’m sure you will agree with me – the only regret I’ve had is – that I didn’t get it sooner!

If you do regret it, call me up and chew me out, I can take it. Is your old table for sale?