SET-UP fixtures for each unique job

IMPROVE productivity and work quality

REDUCE production costs, lead times and scrap

All BuildPro® tables are PATENTED: U.S. PAT. 8065967

BuildPro® System

All BuildPro® Tables are constructed from 5/8 thick steel plate, with ∅5/8 CNC machined and holes chamfered in a 2″ grid pattern. All tables, except the BuildPro® MAX series, have 1.7″ slots between plates.

* All load capacities are calculated based on evenly distributed static load.

Place a BuildPro® Table in your shop, and you will discover how modular fixturing will benefit your operation in greater productivity and improved work quality. Enjoy fast setup replication and reduced project lead times in prototyping, short production runs, or dedicated volume production runs.

BuildPro Table Accuracy:​

Table Flatness
0.012″ / 3 feet
Hole Diameter
0.625″ + 0.002 -.000
Hole Spacing
2.000″ ± 0.0015
Plate Thickness
0.630″ ±0.004

Standard (plain) finish

- Medium Carbon Steel

Nitrided (Heat-Treated) Tabletop

The BuildPro is available with a protective nitrided tabletop. The nitriding (heat-treating) process is a mechanical polish and post salt bath oxidative treatment. The benefits of this process include weld spatter resistance and corrosion and wear resistance.

  • Surface hardness: HV 550
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.37
  • Nitriding case depth: 0.0004″ – 0.0008″


Get longer wear from your BuildPro® Table. When the surface of your BuildPro® Table plates show signs of wear, turn them over to provide a new work surface.

New, Patented Bushing design allows you to remove, re-position, re-align, and reverse the table plates!

Mounting Screws and Locating Bushings may also be purchased separately.

Precision ground steel plates, with CNC machined ∅5/8" holes in a 2" grid pattern for locating, positioning and mounting BuildPro® clamps and accessories.

Plates can be reconfigured to expand the width of the table for larger projects.

Heavy Duty Leveling Feet ensure proper leveling of the table on uneven surfaces.

KEY ELEMENTS in the BuildPro® Modular Fixturing System​


Ball Lock Bolt – An essential component in Modular Fixturing!

Finger tighten the knurled head after insertion to preload before tightening with Hex Key.
Three locking steel balls move outward to lock the bolt in position.

Ball Lock Bolts are key to the efficient set up of Modular Fixtures on your BuildPro® Tabletop. Use the Ball Lock Bolts to fasten clamping elements to the BuildPro® Tabletop, or fasten two clamping elements together.

Basic Hold Down Clamping:

Stop, Position, & Locate Stock:


Quick hold-down clamping of flat, square, angled or round parts.

Locate / Stop

Stop, locate, and position parts.

Support Round Stock

Elevate and hold round parts.

Stop / Locate / Elevate

Stop and locate parts. Stack Right Angle Brackets to elevate and hold round parts.