All BuildPro® Tabletops below have 5/8 thick steel plate, with ∅5/8 holes in a 2″ grid pattern and 1.7″ slots between plates except MAX tables.

The nitriding (heat-treating) process is a mechanical polish and post salt bath oxidative treatment. The benefits of this process include weld spatter resistance and corrosion and wear resistance.

We also provide same robust BuildPro® frame, with half the plates of the 4′ table (3 plates) for space-saving, heavy duty work platform that suits your work space. It is especially suited for robot weld stations for small parts. The compact and light tops make shuttle table mounting easier.

Add Leveling Pad Feet to your BuildPro® Tabletop to create a low height table.


  • Surface hardness: HV 550
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.37
  • Nitriding case depth: 0.0004″ – 0.0008″

Product Details


Part No.CAD
Standard96 x 481,270TM59648VDownload
Standard48 x 48905TM54848VDownload
Nitrided96 x 481,270TMQ59648V-
Nitrided48 x 48905TMQ54848V-


Part No.CAD
Standard94 x 46900TM59446SVDownload
Standard78 x 46690TM57846SVDownload
Standard78 x 38610TM57838SVDownload
Standard47 x 46420TM54746SVDownload
Standard47 x 38370TM54738SVDownload
Standard22 x 46235TM52246SVDownload
Standard22 x 38210TM52238SVDownload
Nitrided94 x 46900TMQ59446SV-
Nitrided78 x 46690TMQ57846SV-
Nitrided78 x 38610TMQ57838SV-
Nitrided47 x 46420TMQ54746SV-
Nitrided47 x 38370TMQ54738SV-
Nitrided22 x 46235TMQ52246SV-
Nitrided22 x 38210TMQ52238SV-