Slot Filler Kit

Use the Channel Block and Rest Button when a flat, continuous support surface is required directly over the 1.7″ table slots.

Place the 3-hole Channel Block beneath BuildPro® plates, aligning with plate holes, and mount with Flush Mount Socket Head Shoulder Screws (included).

Place the Rest Button in the center hole of the Channel Block to provide a rigid work surface level with the tabletop.

The 5/8″ shank on the Rest Button slip fits into the Channel Block holes. To elevate a workpiece above the tabletop surface, place multiple Rest Buttons directly into the ∅5/8″ holes on the BuildPro® plate.

* Not applicable to BuildPro® MAX table.

Product Details

Part No.CAD
1 pc. Channel Block (T51003) 6.3" x 1.6" x 0.63"
1 pc. Rest Button
2 pc. Flush-mounted Screws