Side Clamps

Side Clamp

Insert into the Buildpro® table holes for low profile, light duty, horizontal clamping, locating, and stopping.

A turn of the aluminum knob advances the spindle, bringing the swivel foot to rest against the face of your stock or workpiece.

Side Push Clamp XL

The side push clamp is designed for applying lateral pressure with a slight down force to keep the workpiece from lifting or rolling upwards.

Extra long spindle insures you can reach anywhere on the table. Copper plated spindle resists weld spatter.

A special flipping feature ensures that you can always get the pad placed at the right height, which is useful for smaller material sizes.

Product Details

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To change the height of TCX5320:

Upper Height Setting
Pull pad off and reverse spindle direction
Reinstall spindle and pad in opposite direction pointing up.
Then use the "top" stud on the "bottom" instead.
Lower Height Setting

Two height settings of TCX5320: