Inserta Clamps

Place the Inserta Clamps into the ∅5/8″ holes on the BuildPro® Tabletop, Riser Blocks, or Economy Stops and Clamping Squares for fast, easy clamping. Clamp in the vertical or horizontal position at any height.

Clip the optional Top V-Pads onto the top spindle to clamp round or angled stock. Remove the clamp arm by depressing the spring stop, and slide the Sidekick attachment onto the clamp bar, followed by the clamp arm, for two point horizontal and vertical clamping force.

The Ratchet Handle Model is ideal for tight space clamping, and the ratchet mechanism ensures rapid, vibration and torsion resistant clamping.

Product Details

HandleClamping Capacity
Throat Depth
Pressure (lb)
Rail Size
Part No.CAD
T-Handle6-1/23-1/43005/8 x 5/161.2UDN5150Download
T-Handle8-1/2440025/32 x 3/82.2UEN5200Download
Ratchet Handle


440025/32 x 3/82.2UERN5200