Fixture Efficiently and Fabricate Accurately

with BuildPro® Affordable, Modular Welding Tables. Increase productivity and work quality, and reduce project lead times.

This new manipulator uses two rotating axis and one tilting axis to position your work in the ideal spot.

The 30-pc. accessory kit makes your setup on the new manipulator fast and accurate, minimizes variables for repeat jobs.

5x3 feet max table

We have two new MAX table sizes available: 6 x 4 ft and 5 x 3 ft.


We're on a mission to bring Affordable Modular Fixturing to fabricators around the world.

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SET-UP fixtures for each unique job. IMPROVE productivity and work quality. REDUCE production costs, lead times and scrap.

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It is important to have a welding surface THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU to maximize comfort, safety and productivity.

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Choose different table sizes, finish, with legs combination.


Stationary Scissor Lift Platform, Heavy Duty Ergonomic Lift Platform, and our most popular Rotary Positioners.


Clamps, Pliers, Clamping Squares, Stops, Rests and Fasteners.


Choose different modular fixturing kits for complete flexibility in fixturing.​


We’ve put together a selection of application videos to help you fixture more efficiently for welding and fabrication.
View all videos on our Youtube Channel.

Fixture Examples

All of our Welding Clamps and Welding Tables are designed to help you save time in your work, so you can increase productivity, and reduce scrap and project lead times.

Fixturing a Store Display Weldment on the BuildPro Table

Use BuildPro MAX table to set up a Stair Rail Fixture

Universal Flange and Pipe Fixture holds standard ASME / ANSI / DIN Flanges

About us

BuildPro® is a fast, accurate, affordable, and easy to use Modular Fixturing System. BuildPro® is designed to help you increase welding productivity on all your projects: prototyping, one time use fixtures, short runs, or dedicated, volume production jobs.

The patented plate + slot + hole system allows you to place clamps and components at any point on the tabletop as required for each unique fixturing project.

The BuildPro® is a very high quality table that I have dreamed about for a long time. I can do so much more and with much higher quality.

G. Christoff | (St. Clair Shores, MI)

The BuildPro® Table has reduced our fixture setup time, making our operation more profitable.

S. Auman | (Willow Spring, NC)

The BuildPro® Table will allow us to cut our fixturing time down considerably.

Sean | (Roseville, MI)