Heavy Duty V-Block T54310

Heavy Duty V - Blocks

P/N: T54310


Developed by customer demand, these Heavy Duty V-Blocks hold round stock from 3" – 8" in diameter at 120° - 150°.

Heavy Duty V-Block T54310

Part No. Angle Dimension (in) Max. Tube Size (in) Weight (lb)
T54310 120° V 2.4 Dia. x 1.7 3 1.2
T54315 150° V 3.2 Dia. x 1.4 8 1.5
V-Block T54210

V - Blocks

P/N: T54210


V-Blocks are designed to hold round parts. They fit into the holes of the: BuilldPro® Table, Riser Blocks, Right Angle Brackets, D-Stop Bars and V-Spacer.

Part No. Material Angle Dimension (in) Max. Tube Size (in) Weight (lb) CAD
T54210 Steel 90° V 1.6 Dia. x 1.3 2 0.33 IGS | STEP
T54215 Steel 120° V 1.6 Dia. x 1.1 2.5 0.27 IGS | STEP
T54216 Aluminum 120° V 1.6 Dia. x 0.9 2.5 0.05 --
V-Blocks are placed in the holes on the straight edge stop and V-spacer to support round tubes
The V-Blocks can be place directly into the holes on the BuildPro® Table, or in the holes on the Straight Edge Stop and V-Spacer.
V-Block mounted on the right angle bracket to hold or stop round tubes.
V-Blocks can be used in combination with the Right Angle Brackets to hold, locate, or stop round stock.
V-Blocks on the straight edge stops to support the round tubes being held down by inserta pliers
The versatile V-Blocks can stop, clamp, support, or elevate round stock.

V-Spacer View Demo Video

V-Block Spacer

P/N: T54211


Use the V-Block Spacer to elevate V-Blocks 0.47" for height uniformity when fixturing with Straight Edge Stops.

Part No. Weight (lb) CAD
T54211 0.23 IGS | STEP
V-Spacer illustration
animation showing V-blocks being inserted into V-Spacer

Mount V-Blocks on V-Block Spacers to equal the height of V-Blocks mounted on Straight Edge Stops.