T-Slot Adapter T50940, two magnets, one tapped hole

One ∅5/8 hole

T-Slot Adapter T50950, four magnets, one threaded holes, two tapped holes

Two ∅5/8 hole

T-Slot Adapters


Slide the T-Slot Adapter into any table slot to create a ∅5/8 table hole along the table slots as needed in fixturing. (Tapped hole is consistent with table hole depth and diameter.)

Locate and mount any fixturing element [Right Angle Brackets, Riser Blocks, Econo Stop & Clamping Squares] directly over table slots.

* Not applicable to BuildPro® MAX table.
Part No. Weight (lb)
T50940 0.4
T50950 1.3
T Slot Adapter filled in the table slot. The chain pliers can be mounted on the provided hole
Slide the T Slot Adapter between table slots