Magnetic Plug / Rest button

Magnetic Plug

P/N: T55410-K4


Set of four 1" Magnetic Plugs / Rest Buttons can be used on any flat surface, inserted into the holes on the BuildPro® Table or the holes on BuildPro® Economy Clamping Squares.

Part No. Description ∅ A (in) ∅ B (in) C (in) D (in) Weight (lb) CAD
T55410-K4 Pack of 4 5/8 1 0.45 1 0.2 IGS | STEP
Magnetic Plug is going to be inserted into any 5/8 in holes of right angle bracket
Magnetic Plug can be inserted into any ∅5/8" holes for light duty, vertical or horizontal holding of sheet metal.
Magnetic Plug is inserted into a hole of right angle bracket
Rare earth disc magnet surface can be used as a temporary rest, or to position sheet metal.
Magnetic Plug hold sheet metal in a vertical position.
Hold sheet metal in a vertical position.