What is BuildPro®

The BuildPro® table is designed to increase welding productivity through use of a fast, accurate, and easy to understand modular fixture system. The patented BuildPro® plate + slot + hole system allows users to place clamps and components at any point on the tabletop as required for each unique fixturing project.

BuildPro® is a fast, accurate, and easy to understand modular fixture system.

Why BuildPro®

Place a BuildPro® Table in your shop, and you will discover how universal fixturing will benefit your operation in greater productivity, improved work quality, and reduced project lead times in prototyping, short production runs, or dedicated volume production runs.

Bike Rack Fixture

BuildPro® has a place in every fabrication environment where precise layout and fast clamping setups help drive success; they have found their way into a variety of fabrication processes such as gluing, fastening, and assembly involving materials from wood to composites and laminates.

BuildPro® pairs well with 3D modeling programs using our free downloadable CAD library and is especially helpful for creating a hybrid modular + custom fixture solution.

A hybrid system saves storage space, fixture design time, and fixture production costs by enabling the user to create custom fixtures which index off the BuildPro® grid system and interface with its modular fixtures.

A hybrid modular-custom fixture solution takes the worry out of creating "dedicated" fixtures for short production runs where there are concerns about engineering changes, tooling expenses, or storage space.

Hybrid modular-custom fixture strategies let you focus on getting those critical dimensions right and the work delivered on time.

BuildPro® Agility - Combine and Maximize Your Capabilities

3D Printing and CNC Cutting
It’s now even simpler and faster to create prototype or low volume fixtures using 3D printers, wood/aluminum CNC milling machines, or CNC plasma cutters.

Hard Automation
Take advantage of the BuildPro® table’s indexing functions by adapting hard automation equipment such as track mounted welding bugs or semi-automatic drilling stations to the table which can be quickly rearranged or moved as work dictates.

Robotic Arc Welding
Robotic Arc Welding equipment is becoming less expensive to acquire and easier to program and operate year after year, yet the cost of tool and fixture design has remained relatively static. 

Custom tooling and fixture design can easily double the upfront cost required to automate your welding processes and add planning bottlenecks and unforeseen costs during future product changes.  Hybrid modular-custom fixture systems are an ideal way to keep startup costs low and retain a higher level of in-house control over the design and production process.

For high mix, low volume operations in particular, hybrid modular-custom fixturing can offer a great balance between design flexibility and tool changeover speed while providing the precision required by automated systems.


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- Byron Wright | (Orofino, ID)

" . . . The BuildPro welding table design is ingenious. Flexible enough to accommodate and lock down anything you can fit on it ..." View Full Review »

- Jamie Hyneman,
CEO of M5 Industries Inc. and Host of Mythbusters

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"The BuildPro® Table will allow us to cut our fixturing time down considerably."

- Sean | (Roseville, MI)

"The BuildPro® Table has reduced our fixture setup time, making our operation more profitable."

- S. Auman | (Willow Spring, NC)

"The BuildPro® is a very high quality table that I have dreamed about for a long time. I can do so much more and with much higher quality."

- G. Christoff | (St. Clair Shores, MI)

"My BuildPro® Table has improved the quality of our products, the speed at which we are able to build them, and enabled our shop to take on jobs that are more advanced. Our new table has become the most important tool in the shop."

- J. Lazzarino | (Quincy, CA)

"With muy BuildPro® Table flat and square it is easy to build frames, racks and other jobs that require a flat / square surface."

- J. Mattox | (Perrysburg, OH)

"The BuildPro® Table works good for projects and for building end tables. It’s nice being able to hold your project still and straight while you weld."

- H. Jacobe | (Woodburn, OR)

"By setting up jigs we are able to do more production type fabricating with the different types of clamps, fixtures and blocks. It has made it safer for our welders."

- H. Kremske | (Elgin, IL)

"I don’t know how I lived without a BuildPro® Table for so long."

- M. Ledebuhr | (Lansing, MI)

"We can make new stuff with our BuildPro® Table. All of my employees are so happy with this new addition. Awesome quality products."

- J. Gosselin | (Saint Anaclet, Quebec, Canada)

"The BuildPro® Table allows me to weld and fabricate products more quickly. Really, I love my table."

- J. Lanka | (Denver, CO)

"My BuildPro® Table has allowed me to quickly and accurately build small projects I wouldn’t have even tackled before."

- F.K. Finney | (Jacksonville, FL)

"My BuildPro® Table has allowed me to take on and complete new jobs that require a higher level of precision. The BuildPro® Table takes the frustration our of precision fixture setup. This table has allowed me to work faster with a higher level of precision."

- Zachary B. | (Palos Verdes Estates, CA)

"Spent a few months looking for a Welding Table that would suit me best. No regrets with purchasing a BuildPro® Table. I'm excited to put this table to use. This table will work with woodworking too."

- David B. | (El Cerrito, CA)

"The BuildPro® Tablehas given me a stable, heavy and level work area and being able to have everything within reach makes all of my projects a breeze."

- Garet L. | (Butler, IL)

"With my bigger BuildPro® Table I’ve been able to do bigger jobs. With all the clamps, there is less warpage on projects."

- Derek W. | (Phoenix, AZ)

"The BuildPro® Table, with jigging accessories has allowed me to take on more jobs of higher precision given all the locating and jigging possibilities."

- Jordan C. | (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

"I have easy access for setting up jobs. I can do any project with my BuildPro® Table."

- Albert Z. | (Miami Gardens, FL)

"My BuildPro® Table has made first article part assembly extremely fast and easy."

- Ryan L. | (Portland, OR)

"The BuildPro® Table has allowed us to do more pattern builds for rotomold building. We can pretty much assemble a whole mold without one tack, which makes it very handy."

- Scott P. | (Conrad, IA)

"I'm very impressed with the quality of the table!"

- Don K. | (West Manchester, OH)

"The BuildPro® table has allowed us to both build quicker and more accurately. It allows for a smoother build on a surface that isn’t intrusive in the space and reduces the amount of fixing and cleaning of finished pieces."

- Mary F. | (New Orleans, LA)

"The BuildPro® Table has drastically reduced our in-house fixture inventory and storage space. Now we can build all our products on the same fixture."

- Devin U. | (West Boylston, MA)

"With my BuildPro® Table I can build projects that previously weren’t possible."

- Mike B | (Blacksburg, VA)

"My BuildPro® Table has allowed me to do the same projects, but with easier setup."

- Nathan S. | (Enumclaw, WA)

"I work in the unique field of fire testing and most of what I have to build is either non-typical, or a piece of test apparatus that has to be built to a specific standard. The ability to utilize the slots & holes for clamping material when tight tolerances are required has greatly helped mock up and assembly time."

- Stanley Karwoski | (Baltimore, MD)

"We are launching a school business, Eagle Enterprise, next year and the BuildPro® Table will take our welding to the next level."

- Jeff Nelson | (New Ulm, MN)

"The BuildPro® Table allows for ridged fixturing of chassis components that would almost be impossible to weld otherwise。"

- Blaine Fry | (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

"Yes, I can be more precise building components for steel doors and cabinets. It has really sped up the process when building because I know the pieces are ready to weld upon fit-up."

- Michael Morris | (Birmingham, AL)

"The BuildPro® Table allows us to expand our capabilities for larger framework."

- Anthony Sorrentino | (Garden City, NY)

"With the BuildPro® Table I now have the ability to reproduce parts quickly."

- Justin Christopherson | (Orange, CA)

"The BuildPro® fixturing capabilities allow me to expand my projects."

- Layne Jordan | (Lithia Springs, GA)

"I look forward to all the projects I’ll be able to build with the help of my BuildPro® Table."

- Timothy Woodard | (Wausau, WI)

"The BuildPro® Table has improved my work quality."

- Jason Orsborn | (Costa Mesa, CA)

"The BuildPro® Table will help with the installation of table legs for metal / wood tables."

- Rich’s Contracting | (Paducah, KY)

"Our BuildPro® Table has allowed us to accept new jobs and eliminate fixture costs."

- Tim Antinora | (Rochester, NY)

"The BuildPro® Table was recommended to me by my local welding shop. I was able to get one, which was a plus in my employer’s eyes."

- C. Scott McNair | (Sequim, WA)

"This is our second BuildPro® Table. We’ve been able to upgrade capacity."

- Andy Shin-Pong | (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

"The BuildPro® Table will reduce labor, enable us to hold tolerances by keeping products flat and straight."

- Raymond Williams | (Waterford, CT)

"I have reduced my prototyping time and increased accuracy."

- Steve Kirkey | (Hogansburg, NY)

"I can do bigger projects because I can do them faster."

- Robert Gerwig | (Baltimore, MD)

"Yes, I now have the ability to repeat & prototype to a higher tolerance."

- Chris Hirsch | (Phoenix, AZ)

"We can produce accurate work more efficiently."

- Adam Smith | (Fontana, CA)

"Quick, accurate setup time, like having eight arms. Love the table, thanks."

- Greg Edwards | (Abbotsford, BC, Canada)

"I improved our build and repair quality."

- Joey McGregor | (Warren, MN)

"The BuildPro® Table allows my students to accurately assemble projects, improving the outcome of their efforts. This fixturing table allows me to introduce the ideal of repeatability, and helps them understand what manufacturing and production are about."

- G. Golsan | (Concord, CA)

"The BuildPro Table has allowed my company’s day to day welding and assembly projects to move more fluently with the use of clamps, angle blocks, and more."

- Deion Sampel | (Rochester, NY)

"My BuildPro® Table has increased our production speed, giving us more time."

- Nick Mayer | (Chicago, IL)

"The BuildPro® is an amazing table . . . it’s beefy."

- Matt Ulery | (Long Beach, CA)

"With the BuildPro® Table, we can correctly orient parts for pipe welding."

- Tucker Chaney | (Sidney, OH)

"The BuildPro Table has made my team more efficient, allowing us to complete more jobs."

- Tom Reynolds | (Portage, MI)

"The BuildPro Table has allowed me to build custom axle housings and differential truss assemblies."

- Nic Schwan | (Ashland, OH)

"I can now setup new jobs because I can clamp stuff I never could clamp and hold down, so that makes better and straighter work and the job turns out so much better. Thank you so much for a great product."

- Ken Merrill | (Gray, PA)

"My BuildPro Table allows me to complete jobs more easily."

- KitKat Robertson | (Orlando, FL)

"My BuildPro Table has increased my efficiency, accuracy, and precision, and provided labor savings."

- Ken King | (Alpharetta, GA)

"The BuildPro® Table allows me to hold and weld metal square."

- Ralph Kram | (Peoria, AZ)

"My BuildPro Table has allowed us to cut down on building special weld fixtures, which saves us money and time."

- MScott Silva | (Kingsburg, CA)

"My BuildPro Table has cut my setup time, and all of my weldments are square and true."

- Mark Guttenberger | (Council, ID)

"With the proper equipment and tools, I now feel confident I am producing quality work."

- Jose Guzman | (Salinas, CA)

"The BuildPro Table opens up additional precision jobs, and makes them easy, knowing that table flatness is not an issue. With our old table, I got tired of my employees advising that our table was not flat."

- Charlie Newman | (Prospect, KY)

"We've been able to take on more intricate work, and the BuildPro Table will cut my setup time in half."

- Robert Bergstrom | (Toronto, ON, Canada)

"The BuildPro Table is one of my most valued tools. Because of the versatility and fixturing options, I can weld frames quickly and accurately, as well as inspect them after welding for alignment. I feel like the only limits of the table’s uses are my own imagination and money."

- Mike Sheppard | (Detroit, MI)

"My BuildPro Table allows for quicker setup of materials."

- John Neal | (Maysville, KY)

"The BuildPro Table will make repeat projects faster and easier to complete."

- Marvin Davis | (Spokane, WA)

"The BuildPro Table has allowed us to insure quality and consistency in our welding, and allowed us to free up space that was previsouly used for storing fixtures."

- Reine Schneider | (Fond du Lac, WI)

"The BuildPro Table has made fabrication of items easier with greater accuracy."

- Mike Close | (Spokane, WA)

"The BuildPro Table has opened new horizons for fabrication at my shop."

- Brandon Bigelow | (Pewaukee, WI)

"The BuildPro Table has given us the flexibility to take on more jobs. We no longer need to build and store fixtures. We opened up racking space and ensured quality."

- Benjamin Zeitler | (Fond du Lac, WI)

"My BuildPro Table has saved us money. We do not need to have specific fixtures made."

- C. Moulton | (Novi, MI)

"Right now we are going to use the table for our existing jobs, but I’m sure in the future I will be able to accept new jobs because of this table."

- A. Atwal | (San Jose, CA)

"As a welding instructor, I train students for industry welding. We build: roll cages, bike frames, welded assemblies, pipe weldments, custom furniture, and custom projects. The BuildPro Table helps my 'rookies' get ready for the big leagues by building projects they wouldn't have been able to build before. "

- J. Seitzer | CWI (Lansdale, PA)

"My BuildPro Table allows me to save time fixturing, making each job more profitable and more enjoyable. I'm more efficient on every job, improving delivery times and customer satisfaction. I have become the go-to shop for customers with jobs that are difficult to fixture. "

- Steve Baisden | SmallPartsWelding.us (Olmsted Falls, OH)

"With my BuildPro Table I have greater versatility for a wider range of projects for my business."

- Anthony Espinosa | EA Woodworking (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

"By reducing the time it takes to setup jigs & fixtures, I'm increasing productivity, and getting products out the door faster, making room for more.

This is truly an incredible product at a very affordable price. I love it!"

- P. Dougherty | IX Metalworks (Brooklyn, NY)

"I'm a cabinetmaker, so the table doubles as a gluing, lay-up platform. I love my table. Everything stays square and straight. I now do all the metalwork that I used to farm out. I love my table!"

- C. Amano | Amano Woodworks, Inc. (Chatsworth, CA)

"The BuildPro has allowed me to do more complicated fixturing more quickly. Also, I make fixtures for runs of a few pieces, then disassemble the fixtures at the end of the process."

- C. Fullgraf | Stone's Throw Engineering (Philadelphia, TN)

"This is an awesome product! The BuildPro® Table has really helped reduce labor costs."

- Roger Posada | Genie Scientific (Fountain Valley, CA)

"With the BuildPro Table, the setup and take down of fixtures can be done very quickly for most of the configurations we weld. One of the biggest benefits we've found; we don't have to make and store near as many dedicated weld fixtures for the many different configurations we weld."

- Gary Knap | Fleetwood Group, Inc. (Holland, MI)

"With our BuildPro MAX Table, our work is more precise, fast, and accurate."

- Jiri Poliacek | CNC Art Cut (Torrance, CA)

"Our BuildPro Table has allowed us to take on more complex work that would have been too time consuming before due to jig making and cost effectiveness."

- Ben Noble | Kern Rockenfield (Brooklyn, NY)

"I can take on more work and return a finished product way faster, allowing me in return to have way more time for more work, and I can do it with much more precision."

- Steven McLaughlin | (Phoenix, AZ)

"My BuildPro® Table has allowed me to improve the quality of my work, and build parts I couldn't build before."

- Curtis Marshall | Olney Central College, Illinois Eastern Community Colleges (Olney, IL)

"With a larger precision Welding Table we're able to take on more protoyping projects."

- Eric Wagner | Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS)

"The BuildPro® System has enhanced all aspects of our welding process: work quality, reduced fixture set-up time, ability to build products and parts we couldn't build before."

- Sam Stuard | Dawson Performance Machining & Fabrication (Chambersburg, PA)

"As a one person R & D shop, the BuildPro® Table has increased my through put and added to my bottom line."

- J. Lyle | Lane Mfg. (Lebanon, OR)

"The BuildPro® Table has provided us with a fast and precise way of creating prototype and production jigs for our tube assemblies, helping us get accurate prototypes to our customer in record time."

- J. Forbes | Heartthrob Exhaust, Inc. (Litchfield, MN)

"The BuildPro® Table has made fabrication so much easier because I can layout my projects. There is so much I can do on this table, the possibilities are staggering."

- S. Wright | Mississippi Power Co. Training Center (Gulfport, MS)

"My BuildPro® Table has helped me reduce fixture set-up time, and improved the quality of my work in extremely thin wall stainless tubing projects."

- Nick Houndshell (Denver, CO)

"My BuildPro® Table has allowed me to build thin stainless and aluminum prototype parts I wouldn't have been able to build before."

- Richard Sharpless (Arvada, CO)

"The BuildPro® Table gave me more flexibility to repair and build parts on the farm."

- Lyle Edwards | Black Dirt, Inc. (Montpelier, ND)

"The BuildPro® Table has helped us to capture and hold prototype fixture parts quickly. We couldn't do that before."

- Larry Cognata | Tenneco Inc. (Jackson, MI)

"The BuildPro® Table allows me to build fixtures for prototyping and assembly that I wouldn't have been able to build before."

- John Schramm | Brand Metal Works Inc. (Bellevue, NE)

"My BuildPro® Table has allowed us to be more versatile in prototyping and fixturing."

- Tim Brumm | IntoMetal (Lincoln, NE)

"Well, the BuildPro® has certainly enabled us to accept jobs on a larger scale, along with a quicker turnaround time. Setting up complicated jigs is a breeze."

- Enis Sefersah | GmbH. (Brooklyn, NY)

"My BuildPro® Table has improved the quality of my work. I'm looking forward to working on more complex projects."

- Bill Comstock | Comstock Fabrication (Eagle Point, OR)

"The BuildPro® Table allowed us to build better quality products."

- Derek Tebbutt | Performance Solutions (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)