166 Piece Round Tube Kit

P/N: TMK537
Gross Weight: 136 lb
Description: 166 pc. BuildPro® Modular Fixturing Kit (Demo video available)

Inserta-Clamps QTY
UDN5150 8
Round Stock Pliers
Round Stock Pliers QTY
PG637V 16
Ball Lock Bolts
Ball Lock Bolts QTY
T55015 20
Socket Shoulder Screws
Socket Shoulder Screws QTY
T831605 16
T831608 20
Channel Blocks
Channel Blocks QTY
T51003 2
Right Angle Brackets
Right Angle Brackets QTY
T50310 12
T50320 4
Straight Edges Stops
Straight Edge Stops QTY
T50505 8
T50510 4
Economy Stops
Economy Stops QTY
T50210 8
T50215 8
V-Blocks QTY
T54215 24
V-Block Spacers
V-Block Spacers QTY
T54211 8
Top V-Pad
Top V-Pads QTY
XDA2 8

Please Checkout the video to learn how to set-up a basic fixture for round tube frames.