128 Square Tube Piece Kit -- Basic Framing Kit!

P/N: TMK535
Gross Weight: 163 lb
Description: 128 pc. BuildPro® Modular Fixturing Kit (Demo video available)

FREE Ball End Hex Wrench Set with TMK535 purchase.

Inserta-Clamps QTY
UDN5150 6
UEN5200 4
Inserta Pliers
Inserta Pliers QTY
PTT934K 4
Locking C-Pliers
Pliers w/Swivel Pads QTY
PR115S 12
Channel Blocks
Channel Blocks QTY
T51003 2
Rest Button
Rest Buttons QTY
T54200 2
Socket Shoulder Screws
Socket Shoulder Screws QTY
T831605 24
T831608 8
Ball Lock Bolts
Ball Lock Bolts QTY
T55015 20
T55025 4
Threaded Adapters
Threaded Adapters QTY
TXT5205 4
Right Angle Brackets
Right Angle Brackets QTY
T50304 10
T50305 2
Economy Stops
Economy Stops QTY
T50210 12
T50215 8
Eccentric Pads
Eccentric Pads QTY
T54415 2
Corner Magnets
Corner Magnets QTY
MST327 4

Demonstration of the BuildPro® Standard Frame Fixturing Kit