Fixture Example - Universal Flange and Pipe Fixture

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Universal Flange and Pipe Fixture holds standard ASME / ANSI / DIN Flanges (Demo video available)

This fixture is strong and rigid, to withstand cumulative stresses resulting from welding, and holds the joined flange & pipe during cool down to prevent distortion, expansion, and contraction.

Please browse product pages (links below) to select the BuildPro® Clamps & Components needed to build YOUR unique fixture.

Universal Flange Clamping Plate w/ Inserta Pliers

Hold, accurately locate, and securely clamp down standard flanges... More

Malleable Cast Iron Clamping Squares

Versatile Four-Face Malleable Cast Iron Clamping Squares feature a total of 26 mounting holes over 3 surfaces... More

Right Angle Brackets

These precision machined angle brackets hold materials at 90°... More

Ball Lock Bolts

The quick-setting Ball Lock Bolts provide accurate locating and clamping... More

Chain Pliers

Clamp odd shaped multiple items. Adjust tension with crank handle... More

Sliding Channel Clamps

The 360º Sliding Channel Clamp slides into the 1.7" spacing between plates... More

Straight Edge Stops

Long slots make these precision machined Straight Edge Stops infinitely adjustable... More


V-Blocks are designed to hold round parts... More

Socket Shoulder Screws

These precision shoulder screws fit into the table holes and can hold and position... More

Fixed Rests

Insert into any fixturing hole on the BuildPro® Modular Welding Table for use as a support or rest for aligning stock... More

Adjustable Rests

Developed by customer demand, the Adjustable Rest is operated manually, by hand adjustment... More

T-Slot Adaptor

Slide the T-Slot Adapter into any table slot to create a ∅5/8 table hole... More

Demonstration of how to accurately locate and clamp flanges on the Universal Flange and Pipe Fixture