Fixture Example - Equipment Rack Fixture, standard square frame, cabinet frame

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Equipment Rack Fixture (Demo video available)

Please browse product pages (links below) to select the BuildPro® Clamps & Components needed to build YOUR unique fixture.

Right Angle Brackets

These precision machined angle brackets hold materials at 90°... More

Economy Stops & Clamping Squares

3-side stop and clamping squares features fully machined square surfaces... More

Rest Button

It serves as part rest to elevate parts above table top... More

Channel Block

Place the 3-hole Channel Block beneath BuildPro® plates... More

Ball Lock Bolts

The quick-setting Ball Lock Bolts provide accurate locating and clamping... More

Socket Shoulder Screw

Fit into the table holes and can hold and position the accessories... More

Inserta Pliers

Insert into any hole on the tabletop or Right Angle Bracket for quick push down... More

Inserta Clamps

They are designed to fit into the BuildPro® table holes for fast and easy clamping... More

Threaded Adapters

Convert any hole in the table into threaded hole... More

Pliers with Swivel Pads

Please view Strong Hand Tools® for detailed product information of PR115S.

Corner Magnet

Please view Strong Hand Tools® for detailed product information of MST327.

Adjust-O Magnets

Please view Strong Hand Tools® for detailed information of MSA Series.

Demonstration of setting up the Equipment Rack

Please also check our BuildPro® Standard Framing Kit for reference.