360 Clamps, sliding channel clamp, slot clamps

Sliding Channel Clamps


Precision machined, steel base of the 360° Slot Clamp slides into the 1.7" spacing which enables the clamp body to slide along the entire surface and swivel 360° for positioning at any point.

* Not applicable to BuildPro® MAX table.

Part No. Clamping Capacity (in) Throat Depth (in) Clamping Pressure (lb) Rail Size (in) Weight (lb) CAD
T51405 8-1/2 4-3/4 500 7/8 x 7/16 3.5 IGS | STEP
T51510 12-1/2 4-3/4 600 1 x 15/32 4.8 IGS | STEP
T51615 20-1/2 5-1/2 700 1-3/16 x 9/16 8.2 IGS | STEP
360 Clamps, sliding channel clamp slide into the table slot
Sliding Channel Clamps slide along the 1.7" slots in the BuildPro® Table.
360 Clamps, sliding channel clamp holds down a pipe
Position Sliding Channel Clamp at any point along the table slot for quick sliding arm clamping.
360 Clamps, sliding channel clamp holds down round tubes
Clamp Arm smoothly swings in a full 360° arc.

Clamp Accessories

Add the optional top V-pad onto the swivel pad to hold round, square, flat, and angled stock.

Optional Top V Pads
Part No. Material For Sliding Channel Clamps Weight (lb)
T54219 Aluminum T51405 & T51510 0.05
XFA2 Steel T51405 & T51510 0.4
XMA2 T51615 0.6
XFA2S Stainless Steel T51405 & T51510 0.4
Sliding channel clamp with Optional Top V Pad and sidekick

Slide the Sidekick onto the clamp rail of Sliding Channel Clamps for horizontal clamping force. More Details »

Part No. For Sliding Channel Clamps Stroke (in) Weight (lb)
XFS T51405 1-3/8 1.2
XGS T51510 1-3/8 1.2
XMS T51615 1-3/8 1.2