Strong Grip Pliers, Chain Pliers

Chain Pliers

P/N: PFC1024


Clamp odd shaped multiple items. Adjust tension with crank handle.

See for more details and different chain sizes.

Part No. Chain Length (in) Holds Pipes (in) Weight (lb)
PFC1024 24 up to ∅6.5 1.9
Chain Pliers are clamping two round tubes together
Chain Pliers clamp down a big pipe in CNC machine
Chain Pliers clamp a round tube together with a square riser block
Chain Pliers hold down a pipe for the flange fixture


Use with Table Mount Base Kit on BuildPro Tables.

Part No. Description Weight (lb)
PXC90 Table Mount Base Kit
(2 pc.)
Table Mount Base Kit, PXC91 and PXC92