Modular Tube & Pipe Notcher

P/N: ATN100


Notch tubes and pipes at the accurate angle and length.

The 1st notch in a tube or pipe is easily completed with a drill press. The BuildPro® Tube & Pipe Notcher makes alignment and length control of the 2nd notch easy to complete accurately.

Notch 1"– 2-1/2" OD pipes or square tubes at any angle, or off-center. Position the two V-Blocks and clamp as needed.

notcher, Angle Setting Scale

Angle Setting Scale

notcher, Height Setting Scale

Height Setting Scale

Add BuildPro® or Strong Hand Tools® clamps and components, as needed, to create custom setups for each new project.

  • The V-Pads have a soft face to protect the pipe or tube surface.
  • The cutter centerline is height adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of workpieces.
  • Adjust cutting angle up to 90º.
  • Works with 1/2" Drill
  • Accepts hole saw thread sizes: 1/2"-20, 5/8"-18.
  • 25 mm Steel Shaft
  • Double Bearing Block
Use the New MODULAR BuildPro Tube & Pipe Notcher for the accurate fixturing of parts.

Part No. Kit Includes Weight (lb)
ATN100 1 pc. BuildPro® Tube & Pipe Notcher
2 pcs. Aluminum V-Blocks for tube locating
1 pc. Clamp with Magnetic V-Pad

Other Applications

Mount your modular BuildPro® Tube & Pipe Notcher on the: BuildPro® tables / plates, Rhino Cart®, or FixturePoint® Welding Tables. In the examples below, the BuildPro® Tube & Pipe Notcher is used to notch workpieces as needed to fit seamlessly into a final assembly. Click images for OPTIONAL BuildPro®and Strong Hand Tools® Clamps and Components used in the fixturing.

45 degree notching


90 degree notching


notch square tubes

Square Tubes