Individual welding Plate, table plate, fixturing plate

Individual Plates


Use these Individual Plates to extend the length or width of your BuildPro® Welding Table. Attach Plates using BuildPro® Riser Blocks, or Connector Plates.

Finish Part No. Individual Plate Dimension (in) Plate Thickness (in) Weight (lb)
Standard TM57846-01 46 x 6.3 5/8 48.0
TM57838-01 38 x 6.3 40.0
Nitrided TMQ57846-01 46 x 6.3 48.0
TMQ57838-01 38 x 6.3 40.0
Individual Plate

Use individual plates to extend the length or width of the BuildPro® Table.

Individual Plate

BuildPro® Plates are precision ground steel, .625" thick.

Individual Plate

The BuildPro's plate, slot, and hole system provides unlimited options in fixturing.